Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Style - Man and his life in society

Man – God’s creature
Man is the creature of God and his life is the gift of God. He can live how he wants. He can fulfill his desire, as he likes. The sixth sense which is given to man by God and it is only differs man from the other living things.
Meaning of life
In every language, especially in English, we can form the sentences in several types for giving the same meaning. Like, every man can live according to his own style. But, the meaning of their life only to do something to the society and helpful to others.
Duties of life
In society, every man has some duties. The duty begins even in a smaller age i.e., from the school life. As a student, his duty is to obey the teachers and parents for the better future. In a growing age, the duty is going on towards the environment and situation. In a working place and public place he has some basic duties according to his capacity. In a society, he should not be as a social animal. All rivers are ultimately mixed in the ocean. Like that, every man’s duty should be oriented towards the society.
Thinking power in life
Empty vessel makes noise. Something put in the vessel the noise will disappear. Like so, empty mind make harmful to others. If he thinks some useful thoughts, it will help not only him but also to the society. In birth, every man has given brain as same level by God. One can develop it by proper thinking. A good sow will make a good crop. A pot maker makes pots in several forms with the same raw material by his thinking power. As such, every one can think for self, others and society. A politician thinks good, the country will develop. A poet thinks good, it comes out as a good song. A story writer thinks good, it gives a good story.
Making life as meaningful
Every man can change his life in any period of his life cycle. The real happiness is inside him. He does not satisfy with the present life, he can immediately change it and make a meaningful one. If he unhappy in the moment, he can suddenly analyse the reason and change the moment with a happy one. The real meaningful life is helping to others. In a family, friends, working place and public place, he can exchange his ideas with others and get ideas from others, so that, it will be helpful to every one. God has also created everything in different form as nature to live a man peacefully and make his life meaningful. If you observe the natural things like wind, water, earth, fire, sky, you can learn several and individual things from the each one. These are common to all. But man only divide themselves by doing harmful, conflictions and some other things. Live and let to live others is a real meaningful life.
Calculations and proper editing in life
In world, everything acts on certain rules. Though it is not invisible, it is true. All things are happen only between the both ends. The balanced one only worked out. Whatever happens, one should not lose his balance of mind. Every success man get his success from the hard working and timely thinking. The life has also some calculations. Even in a small matter there is some calculations. For example, we want to get specific number, it comes only by adding, multiplying, substracting.each other. In life also, make some calculations all through his life. If the calculations are worked out, then he can easily win in the life. Proper editing of life make some good. A good film comes only from proper editing. As so, every man should also make some editing in his life. It will brought out his individuality in a good manner.
Learning things in life
Man may learn and realize many things from him, others, nature and society throughout his life. Every learning is a new lesson and new experience. Every one has different experience in all his life. Every one can observe and capture useful things around with him. When you are sad, turn your heart on which you like most in the world. A good remedy to the sad mind is hearing a good music. It is a common one to all. When you are in confusion, you can do meditation. Going to temple, mosque, church to get the blessings of God according to their belief will definitely give timely relief.
Understanding things in life
Every man should content with his own life. He should not compare with others. Reciprocal is essential to understand each other. Acceptance of new things from others is very important. Money is not the only thing in the matter of life. Beyond that, love and other things also there. It makes man as complete. Sometimes man should have patience according to the situation. Who have patience and endurance will get success ever. Sharing communications each other is a very good one When somebody has done good for you, don’t forget ever. Sometimes, we got disappointed with the persons whom we like, trust or believe more. Our expectations with the other persons are going wrong, don’t blame others. Set your mind according to the situation.
True friendship in life
A true friendship will not come only by mere act. It comes some thing common between each other and tell the same by inner mind. A thick friendship decides some common factors between the persons. Sometimes some one adjust some how for some thing.
Do’s and Dont’s in life
Every man in his life some do’s and don’ts. If he correct the don’ts, the life will be a better one. If he has do’s more, his life will become brightful. Generally, one can improve by following some principles as given under:
1. Do think others also great as you
2. Do think best for future and don’t think only past experiences
3. Appreciation should come from others for your activities. Don’t satisfy with you for your self activities.
4. Don’t see the clock while working hours and give importance to your work in your work place.
5. Self improvement is essential for every man. It should be attained only by your hard work.
6. Self thinking is also essential to do something wonder which only give your individuality
7. Think positive in all things. Don’t think negative even in a small matter
8. Don’t hesitate to give your own ideas to others. Also don’t hesitate to get ideas from others
9. Do believe there is a time for all. Don’t frustrate for not coming the immediate result for your activities
10. Do keep silence in some times and speak only whenever necessary. This avoid unwanted controversies.
11. Keep record for correct your deficiencies.
12. Try to learn something new and keep the old best things
Ultimatum of life
Man can give password for all his own creations. But no body knows what the password given to him by God on his birth. To know the fact, every one should attain the divine form in his life and show his faithfulness to the God for given the birth.

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