Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friendship - Priceless treasure of life

“A single soul dwelling in two bodies” – Aristotle’s definition on Friendship
Friendship is only a relation that survives very common in mankind’s life. It gives supportive companionship between the affectionate persons. It involves unique blends of love, loyalty, affection, trust and fun. It is considered to be one of the human experiences in life. Everybody can have or have not things like family, children, education, etc. But friendship is unavoidable in the life of every one and without it one will be considered as a non-living being.
Friendship may be created between rich and poor, male and female, old and young. It is also apart from such as: caste, beauty, money, status, position, etc. Nobody knows when the friendship will develop and with whom it will get started.
Friendship is a passion. It cannot be measured by words or thoughts. Friendship is eternal. A friend is some one who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflecting behaviors as proverb goes – A friend in need is a friend indeed.
A best friend knows you better than what knows you yourself. Different people have different opinions about friendship according to their experiences they had. Some one says it is merely a companionship. While other one says it is a dynamic one.
The degree of intimacy decides the thickness of the friendship. It will sustain only by mutual understandings between two individual persons. The value of friendship narrated through the different famous stories in the historical events and mythologies. We can also know about the true friendship in many films through the depicted characters.
Real friendship needs certain accountability. Both the persons encourage one another and forgive when they are quarreled. Also they should not expect anything except unconditional love. It also involves caring and concern. They should be devoted with the same feelings.
When we share our happiness with friends it will be doubled and share difficulties it will be reduced as half. The real friendship needs not physically presence in every time. If they meet some times only, the feelings to be remembered in every time. We aspiring rain during summer and so we desire friends during our hard times. The happenings may be one time but the remembrance is every time. It is possible only in the friendship. The cloudy moments will be changed as brightness when the friends meet together.
True friend is never far away even if he lives in the different places, which is short, or distance. Life is full of ups and downs. The real friend will pick you up when you are down and he will also happy when you are up. The normal days will be changed as a special days when friends meet together. The real friend will be spoken in one’s mind. There are no great blessings than have a good friend in life. A true friend will know everything that lies in your heart. The mobile battery will be charged when it dries. Like so, a true friend will act as a charger, when you feel as desperation.
The friendship may also be created within the family, between father and son, mother and daughter, brother and sister regardless of age.
Communications between the friends is placed more important in the life. During their long gap in meeting, they can recapture their happiness through their earlier communications. Some time some important or colloquial words occupied through their life long. The communication between the friends is changed in every period. Earlier they communicated through mail only. Now science improves, it changed to mobile, internet, etc.
A real friendship should have the following inherent qualities so that it will live ever.
F - Faith
R - Reality
I - Intimacy
E - Eagerness
N - Need
D - Depth
S - Shape
H - Honesty
I - Indeed
P - Pride
There are no boundaries to the real friendship. The real friend knows the likes and dislikes of others. Real friendship should be a truthful and even it may hurt.
One can find the real friendship during their hard times. Once the situation is unfavourable, every one surrounding you hurts even that time also one will you for ever is a good friend. No situations can change status of the friendship.
The real friendship should be inseparable as:
1) Man and shadow
2) Flower and fragrance
3) Rain and crop
4) Eye and eyelid
5) Sea and water
6) Candle and light
A blind person can see the world through his friend’s eye.

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